Employee Engagement & Infographics.

RealNetworks is the tech company that introduced multi-media to the Internet and they continue to innovate digital technologies for media sharing. They were looking for ways to increase their employees’ satisfaction and retention through their Corporate Social Responsibility efforts.

Tango Foxtrot developed an internal platform called RealVoice that encouraged staff to share what was important to them about community, sustainability, health and volunteering. Integrating this feedback, Tango Foxtrot created a series of infographics that mapped the teams passions and actions – common concerns, volunteering and sustainability activities that were already happening, and aspirations for future efforts. Designed to inspire further action, the infographics were shared back to the employees on RealVoice and communicated, for the first time, the impact RealNetwork employees were cumulatively having in their communities.

Inspired by the commitment of their colleagues, the RealVoice platform became a place for employee-driven engagement and allowed the company to set baselines for incorporating employee activities into its future CSR efforts.
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