Arjuna Capital

New Website & Brand Launch

Arjuna Capital is a sustainable wealth management firm that works with their clients to invest in the world they want to live in, integrating their goals, values and hopes for the future. We became communication and brand development partners to bring forward their deep commitment to enlightened, solution-driven investment opportunities, identifying key brand statements and creating a website that inspires client engagement with simplicity and confidence.

The Arjuna Capital team is now unified via a clear understanding of brand values, personality and core messaging to effectively engage their existing client base and attract new prospective clients.

Their new website launched August 1, 2016.

“Tango Foxtrot worked to genuinely get to the heart of who we are. With their shared passion for enlightened, solution-driven business, we trust them with our communications so we can focus on what we do best.”
—Adam Seitchik, Managing Partner & Chief Investment Officer
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